Should You Use A Stand Mixer?

Should You Use A Stand Mixer?

Should you use a stand mixer when you are baking? These excellent small kitchen appliances are very useful when baking or cooking.  There are times when a stand mixer is the preferred kitchen tool to use.

Should You Use a Stand Mixer When Baking

using a stand mixer when baking

The first time you use a stand mixer, you might wonder whether you really need to. After all, the average home baker isn’t going to be able to whip up a Swiss meringue buttercream or knead a brioche. Despite the ease of use, these kitchen appliances aren’t always the best solution for complex recipes. The pros and cons of using a stand mixer are discussed here.

First, you’ll want to learn a little about your stand mixer and how it works. Some stand mixers have a bowl-lifting lever or a tilt head. Play around with the different attachments to see which one works best for what kind of food you’ll be making. Also, make sure you know how to properly store and maintain your mixer. Once you’ve mastered using a stand mixer, you’ll have a better understanding of how to use it.

Check The Bowl Capacity Closely

The next thing you should know before using a stand mixer is its maximum capacity. Most stand mixers can hold up to five quarts of ingredients. If your recipe will end up making more than you expected, you can purchase a larger bowl. If you need more than that, however, it’s best to scale back and make batches. Make sure not to overload your stand mixer. A stand mixer is also designed to handle different ingredients, such as chocolate chip cookies and fudge.

Make sure that the mixer you purchase has a decent sized motor.  The power of the motor will be listed in watts, the higher the number the more powerful the motor.  A smaller motor can have problems mixing stiff batters and can even burn out.  Paying a bit extra for a larger motor is money well spent.

A stand mixer’s bowl can become loose over time. Check the bowl for looseness and replace it if needed. Most models have a stainless steel bowl, but some brands are revisiting glass, copper, or porcelain mixing bowls. Also, remember to clean the mixer properly. It’s much safer to clean your mixer bowl with a damp cloth instead of in a pantry closet. Then, you can store it away and continue making delicious treats!

Some Of Our Favorite Stand Mixers

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