Costway 6 Speed Stand Mixer

Costway 6 Speed Stand Mixer

A value-priced stand mixer, this 6 speed unit by Costway did very well in our test.  It was by far the lowest priced unit that we tested but it still did quite well.  The motor is good sized and overall the unit seemed well made.  For under $100 it is a very good bargain.

Costway stand mixer

This stand mixer by Costway is designed for hands-free mixing for a wide variety of foods ranging from light and airy egg whites to sticky bread dough. A good-sized 550 Watt motor is more than adequate for everyday mixing and can even handle the thickest cookie dough. There are only 6-speeds on this mixer but that is probably adequate for most mixing project. The rotational action of the paddles helps to produce perfect mixing results every time.

The casing is a combination of heavy duty cast metal and some plastic.  Despite the plastic parts this mixer seemed solid.  The nonslip feet keep the mixer steady and the splatter shield does a good job of stopping messy drips, drops, and spills. The included attachments are a non-stick flat mixer paddle, a dough hook, and an egg whisk. All attachments, as well as the stainless steel 4.3-quart mixing bowl, are dishwasher safe although you may prefer to hand wash the bowl.

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There are a few drawbacks to this mixer.  The bowl is small, only 4.3 quarts.  We prefer a mixing bowl of 5 to 5.5 quarts.  Smaller bowls mean smaller batches as well as more spills and splatters.  The casing has a few plastic parts that we would prefer to be cast metal.  You will need to be a little more careful in handling this mixer, having the casing crack would be unfortunate.  It won’t affect the performance but it looks bad.  There are two colors available with this model-black and red.

The other drawback is overall size.  If you are planning on doing a recipe that calls for a large amount (bulk) ingredients you may find yourself struggling a bit.  We tried a double batch of fudge cookies and had iffy results.  With only 6 speeds to choose from you have to pay attention to what you are mixing and if the motor is working too hard.

Overall this is a good, not great mixer.  However, the price is always below $80 and that is a great value for a stand mixer.  If you are going to be using your mixer for a few recipes and nothing to stiff or heavy, you will find this to be a good choice.

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