Calphalon 10 Piece Non-Stick Bakeware Set

Calphalon 10 Piece Non-Stick Bakeware Set

While we usually rate and review baking sheets as individual items we had to add this outstanding 10 piece non-stick bakeware set by Calphalon in our reviews.  It’s listed as a started set, aimed at beginning bakers and cooks but it is a very good bakeware assortment for bakers of all skill levels.  Top quality ingredients are used to make this set an excellent purchase for anyone.

A Complete Non-Stick Bakeware Assortment

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This outstanding ten-piece bakeware set includes the most popular pans needed by bakers and cooks of any expertise. It is a basic starter kit and makes the perfect gift for an aspiring chef, newlyweds, college students or anyone looking to replace their current bakeware assortment.  Included in this set is 1 crisper pan, 1 cupcake tray, 1 loaf pan, 1 small cookie sheet, 1 large cookie sheet, 1 round pizza pan, 2 round cake pans, 1 square pan, and 1 large roasting pan.  All are made of  of heavy gauge carbon steel and are coated with a non-stick treatment.  They feel sturdy and all of the pieces tested well in our kitchen tests.

The basic pieces that will get used the most are well made but basic.  The cookies sheets (large and small) and the square pan performed well and kept a nice finish, even after washing them in the dishwasher.  Silicon grips would have been nice but at this price for a set of 10 pieces they would not have been practical.  The handles are all oversized which helps make up for the lack of silicon grips.  The smooth metal bottoms help to keep from warping as well as helping to distribute heat evenly.

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All 10 pieces are dishwasher safe and keep their finish even after repeated washings.  The crisper pan is a nice treat, they can be hard to find in some kitchen supply shops and they are a great addition to any kitchen.




Great Value For A Complete Bakeware Set

At under $60 this is an amazing set of bakeware and a true value.  While bargain priced you receive benefits usually found on more expensive baking sheets:

  • Non-stick Permanent Coating
  • Durable Carbon Steel.
  • Oven, Fridge and Freezer Safe.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Ergonomic Handles.
  • Lightweight yet Solid.

Most bakeware and baking sheets are not dishwasher friendly and require hand washing.   While you can hand wash these (and that may improve their longevity) all of the pieces can be tossed into the dishwasher without harming the surface.  That’s a great convenience when you have gone on a baking jag and managed to use every dish in your kitchen.

You can really up your game in the kitchen with these high quality kitchenware pans. Professional in design and affordable in price, this cookery set makes the perfect starter kit for the aspiring chef.  Good quality and an outstanding assortment of pans make this bakeware set a great deal.