Cake Baking Tips

Cake Baking Tips

Who doesn’t love cake? Whether it is for a special occasion, like a birthday, or just for fun, cake is a wonderful treat to enjoy.  Baking a cake is something that we put off often in our busy lives. We love eating dessert when it is done right and baking a cake adds to that enjoyment. There are so many recipes out there that it can be quite confusing. There are ones that taste amazing, others that are not so great. But here are some tips for baking a cake that will blow your mind away!

First, let’s talk about the ingredients that you will need to bake a chocolate cake – or any other kind of cake for that matter! Certain ingredients will make this chocolate cake so light and moist, and super moist too! You need a small amount of baking soda for most chocolate cake recipes. It reacts well with the baking powder and produces light and airy cakes!

Make Sure You Are Baking At The Right Temperature

The second tip is to pre-heat your oven.  Make sure that you oven heats to the proper temperature.  Older ovens tend to lose their ability to heat up properly and may need some adjusting.  I also make sure that I am using a very clean and well greased cake pan when baking. This helps reduce the amount of cleaning up you have to do when you bake.   It also helps to keep you cake from sticking.

Making A Chocolate Cake

The third important tip is to use  semi sweet chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips.  Most recipes will call for powdered unsweetened cocoa, but a few will call for chocolate chips.  Make sure you pay attention to what the recipe calls for.

The fourth and final tip is to spray your baking pan with non-stick cooking spray before you bake your cake. This will help keep your cake from sticking to the pan. You also want to make sure your pan is lined with parchment paper. This will prevent your cake from sticking to the pans inner sides while it bakes.

These 4 tips are great for baking a cake. Make sure you follow them all the time when baking with regular cooking pans. Remember to stick to the directions on the box. I also suggest not using any oil, such as shortening, in your cake batter. Shortening can create large lumps in your batter that will prevent your cake from working properly.